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A-Level Chemistry Tuition Delivered by Kevin Boyle Ph.D

I am a professional, full-time online A-Level chemistry tutor with 15 years of experience and a proven track record with students of all abilities. As an online chemistry tutor, I work with students across the UK, equipping them with the skills they need to excel in their exams.

I studied at Edinburgh University (1st class honours Chemistry degree and Organic Chemistry PhD) and at Imperial College (Masters with Research in Biomedical Science).

By focusing purely on A-Level Chemistry, I have an in-depth understanding of the subject and what is required to succeed. All tuition is tailored 100% to the specific A-level syllabus being studied and to each individual student.

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Why Work With Me

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Online A-Level Chemistry Tutor - My Approach

Your goal is to get the best grade possible in the June exam, and as your chemistry tutor, that’s also my goal…it must be exam and results focussed. 

I want to improve your exam results….to get you performing at your potential and achieving whatever grade you desire or need.

How do we do that? Of course, we focus on the chemistry…but just chemistry is not enough…we look far beyond that. It’s an all-round approach. We will constantly work on your chemistry and also….study methods, exam technique and mindset.

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Simplifying Concepts

The main goal of our online chemistry classes is to further your understanding by simplifying the concepts, then looking at how to use them.

We will look at things from different angles until you really know it well. We will uncover many “secrets” that can be used right across the syllabus. 

We will look at a huge variety of questions to demonstrate the points and to show you the standard that is required. I will give you my own revision notes and questions and access to full chemistry tutorials that took me years to write.

Study Skills and Examine Technique

We will look at how to study effectively and efficiently. This transformed my own grades at University, jumping around 20% between 1st year and my final exams.

So what do we look at? Interpreting questions, stopping “silly” mistakes, improving problem solving skills & study/revision methods, using past papers properly, writing good longer answers, challenging/monitoring yourself, managing time in exams, what to do when you get stuck on a question, plus more…

This will help you jump at least one grade and it is just as important as the Chemistry. Schools don’t help with this much.


Students often struggle for confidence, fear exams and panic when faced with a difficult question (to varying degrees). Exams usually have very negative connotations, which will not help you one bit!

The aim is to get you thinking well, to put you in the best position possible on the exam day. The result is genuine confidence based on months of good work and results, so that you KNOW you will do well rather than hope. It’s a great feeling to have.

A few things we will look at….motivation and discipline (essential for long term studying/revision), developing composure and a logical mindset (essential for exams).

What to Expect from Online Chemistry Tuition


Online A-Level Chemistry Tutor

Skype or Zoom sessions:

  • 1 hour £45
  • 90 mins £60
  • 2 hours £75

Face to Face Chemistry Tuition

Depending on location (usually around Surrey and London). Enquire for availability:

  • 1 hour £45
  • 90 mins £60
  • 2 hours £75

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