Everyone Can Improve Exam Results

improve exam results

You are either good at exams, or you’re not…it’s that simple….isn’t it? The answer is NO!

Every single person can improve exam results and achieve higher grades. Doing well in an exam is just a step by step process that anyone can follow. You just have to know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. And this is where I aim to help you.

There’s a massive misconception that your exam result comes down to one specific day or that “luck” is involved. There is a tiny element of truth in both, but it is minimal.

Preparation is the essential factor, and how well you do it will determine your grade. Please read this again; it is really important:

How Well You Prepare Determines Your Grade

This means that to improve exam results, you are in control. Whatever grade you get is all down to you and your preparation. Any study you do today or tomorrow is all contributing to your grade.

I found this massively motivating, and if I didn’t do as well as I wanted, then it was my own fault. Nothing to do with not being clever enough or any other excuse:

A Poor Result Is Down To Poor Preparation

Luck doesn’t come into it, a difficult exam paper doesn’t matter, and even if someone isn’t amazing at a subject naturally, they can still do brilliantly in the exam.

You can learn how to do exams. The actual exam itself isn’t that important. When you are prepared properly, it is almost a formality.

Preparation includes knowing how to think properly (your mindset), what you do throughout the academic year and the revision period those vital few weeks before the exam. I will show you exactly what to do on each of these steps.

Exam Help

From my chemistry tutoring experience, I have found that many people who come for specific subject help, actually need help with studying, preparation and exam techniques more than anything else.

One thing that is lacking in schools, colleges and Universities is study and exam advice. You can get as much help as you want with the subject material, but studying and exams remain a bit of a mystery.

It seems crazy to me that schools do not teach students this stuff. You will get the occasional bit of advice, such as the overly used “read the question properly”, but do they show you how to do that?

The beauty of improving your general study methods is that your exam results will improve dramatically across ALL subjects.

The exam process starts a long time before you enter the exam hall. In fact, if the preparation is done correctly, I estimate that, generally, 85-90% of the work is done before the day of the exam.

So when people talk about how to improve exam results or exam help, it is actually the studying part that is the crucial element NOT the exam.

I have to add that there is no magic ingredient. Success in exams comes from doing many things well. Of course, you can improve by changing one or two things, but if you want dramatic improvement, you need to address as many elements as possible.

Improve Exam Results – The Process

A process can be defined as:

• a series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result

• a systematic series of actions directed to some end

• a continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in a definite manner

This is exactly what we need to get you to do: follow a series of proven steps in the correct order.

The three main areas to work on are:

1. Mindset
2. Studying
3. The Exam

The process is in this order as each has a knock-on effect on the next. If you do part 1 well, you will study better, which means you are better prepared for the exam.

I can guarantee that most people will see it the other way round or haven’t even considered mindset. They will naturally rush for the latest study technique or exam tip in the hope of a shortcut. But they won’t improve their exam results, as shortcuts don’t exist.

In these tutorials, they will dismiss mindset, possibly quickly look for a new “magic” study technique and will be disappointed that there is no magic wand awaiting them. Do not think this way.

One more time:

The exam can be easy if you have prepared properly

About the Author

Kevin Boyle is a full-time A-level Chemistry Tutor with 15 years experience and a proven track record with students of all abilities. As an online chemistry tutor, he works with students across the UK, equipping them with the skills they need to excel in their exams.